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Consumer loan for tuition fees


Students over 18 & individuals who wish to cover tuition fees of private schools

Interest rate

variable, 1M plus spread 7,70%


from €5.000 up to €25.000


We practically support progress in all levels of education.

Cover with ease the costs of studies at any educational level.

  • Preferential interest rate
  • Flexibility in repayment
  • Direct payment to the educational institution without extra charges


Loan Purpose

  • Cover the cost of higher education studies
  • Cover the cost of attending a private primary or secondary school, as well as optional activities or travel costs for educational reasons


From €5,000 to €25,000.

The loan's amount cannot exceed the indicated amount of tuition fees as shown at the supporting documents that you will supply to the Bank.

Interest rate

Variable rate, calculated at Euribor 1M plus spread 7.70%*

The interest rate is subject to Law 128/75 levy, currently 0.60%

In case of Euribor 1M being negative and for the whole period that it remains negative, zero reference interest rate will be applied.

* APR: 13.75% for a loan of €10,000 with a duration of 60 months, with a nominal variable interest rate consisting of Euribor month ( Euribor's 1M rate used for the example is 3,85%), spread 7.70% and Law 128/75 levy, today 0.60% and examination costs €180.



Loan fees

The loan examination cost is  €180.


Loan's repayment period is from 6 to 84 months and is carried out in monthly installments through the borrower’s deposit account at Pancreta Bank.

All or part of the loan can be repaid at any period, even before the agreed date, without charges.


In the event of the applicant's lack of income, a personal guarantee by at least one of the parents is mandatory.

For all other cases, a guarantor may be deemed necessary while assessing the loan. 


We provide you the possibility to ensure the smooth repayment of your loan in the event of an unforeseen event through the Borrowers' Life plan, which covers loss of Life from any cause and MOA.

Supporting documents

You must provide us with all the necessary documents that the Bank asks at any request for consumer loans, in addition to:

  • Proof of enrollment or academic ID
  • Tuition/activities/transfer costs as stated from the educational institution's secretariat

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