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Savings Account

Savings Account

Suitable for

daily transactions

Interest rate

tiered, depending on the account's balance

Debit card & Digital Banking

for extra comfort in your daily life

Savings Account

A daily account for your every need

With Savings Account you can:

  • Carry out withdrawals/deposits at any of our branches or at our Automated Teller Machines (ATM's)
  • Carry out standing orders 
  • Send remittances to Greece or abroad
  • Pay your VAT/ Insurance and/or other obligations
  • Transact with a debit card, with a minimum amount charge per month

 See here the supporting documents for opening an account.

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Interest rate

Deposit Amount
(in €)

Interest Rate               Total Annual Gross Return* (post tax deduction)
1 - 3.000 0,10% 0,085%
3.000,01 - 30.000 0,10% 0,085%
30.000,01 - 100.000 0,20% 0,170%
100.000,01 - 200.000 0,30% 0,255%
200.000,01 and above 0,40% 0,340%

*The Total Annual Gross Return is calculated based on the following assumption:

For one (1) year (365 days), the deposit amount and the interest rate remain invariable and 6-month interest is not withdrawn. As a result, the Total Annual Gross Return is shown on the deposit accounts in question with the above percentages, following tax on interest (at a rate of 15% from 1/1/2013) and six-month compound interest. 

  • Interest rate is applied to the entire amount of the deposit (Tiered)

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a relationship with Pancreta Bank

How can you start a relationship with Pancreta Bank?

To start cooperation with our Bank, you should visit one of our Branches or authorize a third party through a Notarial Power of Attorney.

You need to collect the documents that prove your personal information (identity, residential address, contact phone number, financial / tax and professional information).

You may be asked for additional documents, depending on the cooperation you are requesting (deposit, loan, business, etc.).

What supporting documents you will be asked to supply?

Find the necessary documents here.

Where can you find  the Bank's charges?

Find all the information at the Commissions Rate document.

Account co -beneficiaries

How can you add a co-beneficiary at your account?

You can add a co-beneficiary to an existing deposit account.

It is necessary to have the consent of all of the account's beneficiaries in order to add a new beneficiary. Consent is given by signing the Account Opening Application at our branch. If it is not possible for one of the beneficiaries to be present,  a responsible declaration-authorization, (in which his consent will be declared and a specific person will be authorized to sign the relevant documents) must be presented.

How could you remove yourself as a co beneficiary from an account

There is not such a possibility. In case a co beneficiary wants to withdraw its name, the deposit account closes and re- opens with the new beneficiaries. 


All accounts are accompanied by