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Customer Verification and Update Process for non-Greek residents (individuals)

Pancreta Bank, similar to all other Credit Institutions operating in Greece, is required to request and maintain information about customer identification, financial and other data (i.e., address, communication and occupation details), as well as to verify subject data from trustworthy sources. The Bank must also periodically verify and update these data.

The documents required to update your personal data are the same as the ones required to commence your relationship with Pancreta Bank (please find here).

The issue date of the above-mentioned employment certificates should be within the last six months.

If your tax residence falls into a jurisdiction which participates in the Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information for Tax purposes (CRS) or the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), you should also attach the following completed forms, as applicable:

  • FATCA statement, W9 ή W8-BEN (please find  here)
  • CRS statement (please find  here)

The verification and update may be performed via the below channels:

• Through e-banking by accessing the governmental online verification platform eGOV-KYC and using your personal Taxisnet username and password (provided you have a Greek tax id and valid Taxisnet credentials), without the need to provide any physical documents.
• By mailing through regular post all necessary documentation to the servicing branch, accompanied by the “Verification & Update Declaration Form” (please find here), duly signed and verified by the Greek Embassy or consulate office or verified by a Notary Public at your country of residence.

Any documents not issued in Greek or in English language must be translated into Greek or English by a Notary Public at your country of residence.

Copies of original documents (e.g. passport photocopy) are accepted provided they are validated by the Greek embassy or consulate or Notary Public at your country of residence.

The Bank processes all the above data, items and information required by the relevant legislation in a secure manner, exclusively for the intended purpose, applying the provisions of the European Regulation EU 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the relevant EU and national legislation on the protection of personal data.