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Pancreta EASY BUSINESS - Business Equipment Loan

Financing rate

up to 100% of the cost of the equipment’s purchase

Loan duration

up to 12 years 

Interest rate

based on Euribor 3M

Pancreta EASY BUSINESS - Business Equipment Loan

Acquire or renew your business equipment

The equipment of your business is inextricably linked to the quality of your products/services, but also its operating costs. We support you in acquiring the necessary professional equipment for your business in order to strengthen its competitiveness.

We cover your business needs for the purchase of fixed equipment as well as commercial vehicles, on preferential terms.

Loan features

From € 10,000 

Financing Rate
Up to 100% of the equipment's or vehicle's cost of purchase and
up to 80% of the property's estimated commercial value in case of prenotation

Up to 12 years  

Interest rate
Floating, based on Euribor 3M plus margin, from 2.25%, plus levy of Law 128/75 (today at 0.60%).
The interest rate margin is determined by the credit rating assessment of the company and the type of collateral provided. 

Find out more about the interest rates here.

Through monthly or quarterly installments.
Option of early repayment (partial or full) without penalty.