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Secure your valuable belongings

Pancreta Bank offers safe deposit boxes for valuables in its branches network.

Three sizes of lockers are available. For a small annual fee, you can choose the right size based on your needs.

Find out here about the cost of renting safe deposit boxes.

You can visit your safe deposit box during branches' working hours.

  • Protection at your valuable belongings
  • Easy access at your safe deposit boxes
  • Privacy during your visit


Branches with safe deposits


  • 22, Dimokratias Av, Heraklion
  • Ikarou & Mavsolou, Alikarnassos,Heraklion
  • 25th August,Heraklion
  • 5, Ikarou Str. ,Heraklion
  • 28, Em Portaliou, Kalithea, Rethymno 

Rest of Greece


  • 4, Othonos Str., Athens
  • 1, Navarinou, Piraeus 
  • 11, Ethikis Antistaseos, Rhodes 
  • 17, Mitropoleos, Thessaloniki