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DIAS payment and direct debit services facilitate organizations and enterprises of the private and public sector to collect their customers’ debts.
More than 500 organizations are currently participating in the interbank payment system.

The client has the following two options:


The debtor:

  • Issues an order for the payment of his/her debt each time the organisation/company issues a new bill
  • Uses the bank payment code on the bill
  • Visits the Bank branch of his/her choice and orders for the collection of his/her debt, either by directly debiting his/her bank account, or by paying in cash

Payments for all organisations participating in the DIAS system may be made at the Branch or via e-banking.

For certain organisations, payments can be made via ATMs or APSs.

Payments via mobile banking will soon be available.  

b) Automatic Payment via standing order (DIAS DIRECT DEBIT)

The DIAS standing order code is specified on all bills.

  • The debtor visits the Bank of his/her preference and requests a standing order, mentioning the unique standing order code. This way, he/she authorises the bank to debit his/her account each time the organisation or enterprise issues a bill.

Transaction Clearing

  • The total amount of receipts is credited to the account of the organisation/company in the cooperating bank
  • The specific terms and conditions for holding the aforementioned account are exclusively a matter of agreement between the organisation/company and the Bank

For the organisation/company

  • Simple and easy collection of payments
  • Planning of receipts, optimal management of cash
  • Cost reduction in receivables collection
  • Secure payments and reduced circulation of cash
  • Satisfied and loyal customers

For the client

  • Transaction security, speed, quality of service, planning of payments (bills are paid at the payment deadline)
  • Ability to choose the Bank for the transaction clearing
  • Ability to choose the payment mode
  • Ability to choose the means of payment
    - Web Banking
    - Phone Banking
    - Branch
    - ATΜ  or
    - APS