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Deposit amount

From €10.000 

Interest rate

Up to 3%


6 or 12 months

Every step … counts!

Benefit from Term Deposit Step Plus with returns which increase proportionally to the duration of your deposit. 

The Term Deposit Step Plus applies exclusively to new funds* from
€10,000 and above and is offered to new and existing customers with:

  • preferential increasing interest rate of 6 or 12 months,
  • monthly interest payments
  • the flexibility for partially or whole early withdrawals of your funds , without charge, every month on the anniversary of the deposit.

*New funds are defined as money that did not exist in Pancreta Bank accounts before 04/15/2024. To receive the interest rate, the customer must have a higher total balance than the stated date.

Find out more about the interest rates here or at any branch of our network.

Find here the pre-contractual disclosure.

Pancreta Bank participates in the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE). Deposits kept at the Bank are covered by the Deposit Coverage Section (DCS) of the TEKE Fund in accordance with the Law 4370/2016, as it applies from time to time. Please be informed about the Basic Information on the Protection of Deposits here.