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Apotamieftiko gia to paidi

Savings account

Minimum deposit amount


Interest Rate

Up to €3,000: 0.50%
€3,000.01 and above: 0.70%


Childen up to 17 years of age

Apotamieftiko gia to paidi

Teach your children the concept of saving from an early age

With the regular deposit of a minimum amount every month, you enjoy a preferential interest rate and ensure a solid support for your child's future.


Find here the pre-contractual disclosure.

  • Ability to activate a standing order to service the regular monthly payment from a payroll or pension account
  • Ability to close the account at any time without losing the interest earned until then
  • With the regular monthly payment, the yield increases as well as the amount that will be available to the beneficiary at adulthood



The account is suitable for Individuals, parents, guardians, relatives who wish to secure a significant amount of money by the time the child becomes an adult.

  • The account is opened in the child's name as main beneficiary
  • An adult relative must be mandatorily appointed as co-beneficiary 
  • Each child can have only one such type of account
  • When the beneficiary becomes an adult, the account is converted into a simple savings account



Interest rate

Interest Rate

Up to €3,000 : 0.50%
€3,000.01 and above : 0.70%

The product follows the Credit Interest Rates which are gross, annualized and may change according to the Bank’s pricing policy.

Find out more information about Pancreta Bank’s interest rates here.

To service the regular monthly payment, it is possible to activate a standing order from a payroll or pension account.

In case the minimum regular monthly deposit is not made, the interest rate of the basic savings account is applied.


Monthly deposit amount

There is a minimum of 50 for maintaining the high monthly yields and  a maximum of 1.000.

To service the regular monthly payment, you can activate a standing order from a payroll or pension account.

In the event that the minimum monthly amount is not deposited, the account accrues interest at the interest rate of the simple savings account, as defined in the Bank's deposit rates.

Other terms

  • No withdrawals, payments, transfers, or standing orders are serviced
  • No debit card will be issued.

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