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basic and optional coverage according to your needs


payment of premiums every 3, 6 or 12 months


instant offer & contract issuance at our branches

Car insurance

Insure your car wisely

The new Roadside Assistance mobile app, Synet Drive, is provided for free and enables you to call roadside assistance in the event of an accident with just a "click".

For the contract issuance a vehicle and driving License is required.

The App is a product of Syndea and is offered by Pancreta Bank as an insurance agent.


Easy contract issuance

With a visit to one of our branches, you can easily get the necessary information from our certified personnel and proceed to the contract issuance immediately.

Flexible premium payment

Choose the payment method of your convenience

  • by credit card charge 
  • online at Digital Banking
  • at any branch of our network


  • In cooperating auto repair shops there is zero exemption without any charge for broken crystals
  • Free Issuance  of Green Card