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The best way to start is to devote some time to learn the basics and understand the risks.

Want to learn more about investments?

Are you intimidated by the possibility of losing money?

For this reason, we simplified the investment terminology and prepared a guide that will help you explore this fascinating world.

What exactly is an investment?

An investment is the placement of an amount of money to buy something that you believe will increase in value in the future. However, there are no guarantees that the value of your investment will actually increase and that you will receive a larger amount than the capital you initially disposed.

You can invest in any of the usual kinds of investments such as mutual funds, bonds or stocks.

What could an investment offer me?

Investments are divided based on your goal and their potential return in the following basic categories as:

  • income
  • capital growth or
  • a combination of the two

Investing for income could be a good short-term strategy if you are near retirement or have retired already. Investing in bonds or mutual funds could bring regular payments so you can boost your existing income or your pension. On the other hand, an equity portfolio could offer significant returns in the long run.

Investments aimed at capital growth take longer to generate returns and are associated with the undertaking the relevant investment risk. The return and the initial capital are paid when the investment is liquidated.

How much risk should I assume?

Τhe first thing you need to understand is that investments always involve a certain amount of risk, which we compensate for with the investment proposals we formulate for you.  The degree of risk that each person is willing to take is different and is a function of one’s investment profile. In any case risk and return go hand in hand when we talk about Investing.

The general rule is that higher risk investments offer the possibility - but not the guarantee - of higher returns and vice versa. What is important for you to decide before you choose your investment is the degree of risk that you are willing to assume.

Building a low-risk investment portfolio would be a good way to start investing. Later, as your level of knowledge around investing and markets increases, you can – if you wish so – increase the level of risk of your investment.  


Can I have access my money if I need to?

In life, unforeseen events occur that may impact your financial liquidity; in Pancreta Bank you do not need to worry.
You can access your money in investment products typically within 4 business days.
However, the option of liquidating differs for each investment according to its characteristics, so you should always be informed about this variable.

At Pancreta Bank we can help you with personalized advice without the obligation of placing available funds from your part. Visit one of our branches  that offer the Wealth Management Service to speak with our specialized staff.

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