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Minimum deposit amount


Interest payout

at maturity date 


1 up to 24 months

Simple Term Deposit

Increase your business capital easily with upfront payment of interests or at maturity date

With a minimum deposit amount of € 5.000 and for a period from 1 to 24 months, benefit from a negotiable interest rate, pre-agreed upon the start of the deposit which remains fixed throughout the deposit's term.

The interest payout is available at maturity date. 

Pancreta Bank participates in the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE). Deposits kept at the Bank are covered by the Deposit Coverage Section (DCS) of the TEKE Fund in accordance with the specific provisions of Law 4370/2016, as it applies from time to time. Please be informed about the Basic Information on the Protection of Deposits here

Find here the pre-contractual disclosure.