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Farmers & Businesses: agricultural, agri-food & bioeconomic sector

Loan amount

up to 10 million euros with 100% coverage from EIB funds


from 2 to 12 years, with the possibility of a grace period of up to 2 years

Funding with support from EIB

Preferential financing for your business with Working Capital with coverage up to 100% from European Investment Bank for Agricultural & Bioeconomic sector's businesses, with preferential interest rate exempt from the Law 128/75 levy.

End of submission date: 25/06/2023  



Loan amount

The total amount of the loan could be up to 10 million euros and can be covered 100% by EIB funds.



Reduced interest rate

  • With the inclusion of the loan in the EIB, the final beneficiary receives a spread reduction of at least 0.25%.
  • Young Farmers (<41 years old) are eligible to receive a further 0.20% margin reduction.


Eligible businesses

Businesses active in the agri-food sector as well as in the bioeconomy sector, such as:

  •  Freelancers
  • Individual Businesses
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (with less than 250 employees) and
  • Mid-Cap Companies (250-3,000 employees before investment)

Indicative eligible expenditures

  • Purchase, extension or renovation of business premises, financing for the purchase of land up to 10% of the total cost of the project (with the exception of the purchase of agricultural land)
  • Purchase of licenses and patents for the technical implementation of the project
  • Investment in intangible assets:
  • Development, design and financing during the construction phase.
  • Research & Development Expenses
  • Working Capital


Specific eligible expenditures in the Agri-Food and Bioeconomy sector

Investments in unheated greenhouses are eligible for financing within a project

Investments in heated greenhouses are excluded:

If the greenhouses are heated 100% by renewable energy sources (including biomass) and 

if they do not have a fixed (integrated) heating system and under normal climatic conditions they do not require heating except for limited periods of time

Investments in biogas units 

Irrigation projects, provided that the existence of rights for the disposal of water will be ensured.