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Integrated home and content insurance


Synethome simple, Synethome plus and Synethome premium according to your needs 


payment of insurance premiums every 6 or 12 months


instant offer & contract issuance at our branches

Your options for your home protection

Synethome Simple


  • Protection of your home from basic dangers
  • Protection of your home and its contents even if you rent it
  • Earthquake coverage included

  • Affordable premium

SynetHome Simple covers 24 incidents, indicatively:

  • Fire
  • Fire from wood
  • Lightning strike
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • and 18 more basic coverages or cases

Synethome Plus

Synethome Plus offers you the coverage of Synethome Simple plus additional coverages:

  • Protection from First Danger
  • Home appliances short circuit

  • Family Civil Liability protection
  • and 45 more innovative coverages which compose a full protection program for your property

  • Loss of rents
  • Mortgage loan installment
  • Borrowers protection
  • Personal accident
  • Jewelry theft from safe box 
  • Trees & plants from fire, lightning or explosion
  • Legal protection 
  • Outdoor furniture of the insured home
  • Psychological support of the insured after a covered loss

Synethome Premium

Zero allowance program including all 49 cases of coverage of Synethome Plus & Premium, paying back immediately.


Easy issue of offer

With a visit to one of our branches, you can easily get the necessary information from our certified personnel  and proceed with the contract issuance immediately.

Flexible payment of premium

  • by credit card charge 
  • online at Digital Banking
  • at any branch of our network

Additional Features

  • The building must have been built with a legal permit after 1960
  • No previous earthquake damage should exist