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Our ATM network serves you safely, 24/7

Our ATM's accept credit & debit cards of Greece and foreign banks for daily transactions 

  • cash withdrawals
  • deposits in Pancreta Bank's accounts
  • account balance enquiry
  • change of pin

Safety tips while using an ATM

Check the area around

Check if there is anything suspicious in the ATM or the surrounding area and cancel your transaction if you find anything suspicious.

Enter your card PIN carefully

Cover the keypad before entering your card's PIN so that the numbers you are dialing are not visible.

Complete your transaction quickly

Do not hesitate in front of an ATM. Have the card or the amount you want to deposit ready, in advance.

Do not leave your receipt at the ATM

Make sure you get your receipt before leaving the ATM. Protect your information.

The ATM receipt contains information about your account and card balance that must not be disclosed to others.

Don't accept help from a stranger

If you have a problem with your ATM transaction, be wary of strangers offering to help you.

Even if your card is stuck, don't trust someone you don't know to help you. Under no circumstances do you disclose your card PIN. The PIN is strictly personal.

If the ATM holds your card

If you are outside of an open branch, please let us know immediately.

If the branch is closed or the ATM that held your card was not in a bank branch, call 2810 338800. We instantly cancel your card and issue you a new one.

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