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Business service units

Our business service units via Call center are:


  • Declaration of card loss and theft
  • Account freezing actions, ebanking blocking, card freezing, etc
  • Request to dispute a transaction
  • Claim of fraud against the customer

Digital Banking

  • Assistance at the the customers first login 
  • Support at the navigation journey
  • Unlock user
  • Request for username/password renewal
  • Instructions for completing fields and customer registration requests in the system
  • Support for executing transactions
  • Support for bulk transaction file upload
  • Familiarity with the mobile/online application
  • Activate/deactivate the customer's  Digital Banking account
  • Managing customer limits
  • Manage customer's registered devices
  • Cancellation of Interbank Transaction
  • Cancellation of remittance

Business Cards products

  • Cancellation due to loss/theft with or without reissue or due to ATM holdback
  • Activation, PIN Reissue Guidance
  • Card reissuance
  • Statement reissue
  • Card changes (temporary limit change, temporary card deactivation, etc.)
  • Update on card transactions
  • Dealing with transaction issues (e.g. double commits, transaction rejections, etc.)
  • Update on card balance
  • Update on the renewal/replacement of the card