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Our people, our competitive advantage

Our daily life at Pancreta Bank

Our values and mission
Our corporate values serve as the foundation upon which we support our Bank’s Mission, through creating a robust culture based on trust, meritocracy, transparency, and accountable commitment towards our customers.
Development & Learning
We invest in our people through providing modern learning tools in key subject areas, aiming at the enhancement of their knowledge base, the strengthening of their capabilities and skills and the continuous pursuit of their personal and professional development, leading ultimately to the optimal guidance and support of our customers. Specialized evaluation and developmental tools and practices are implemented, with the aim to design strategic ‘career paths’, and to highlight capabilities, talent, and potential, which will drive the mutual benefit of both the Bank and its people. Building and sustaining high levels of people engagement and job satisfaction is a core priority and a driver for attracting young talent, retaining our key resources, and ensuring robust and comprehensive succession plans.

Our daily life at Pancreta Bank

Εqual Opportunities Employer

Pancreta Bank champions diversity and implements a policy of equal opportunities, irrespective of gender, religion, nationality, age, skin color, race, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, and political beliefs.


Anti-Harassment Policy in the Workplace

Pancreta Bank demonstrates a highly people centered approach towards all elements linked to its robust and healthy work environment. The Anti-Harassment Policy is based on the core values of respect, transparency, justice, and impartial judgement, and aims at providing a framework that ensures that any incidents that place human dignity at risk are managed in an effective and timely manner.

Whistleblowing Policy

Pancreta Bank adopts, as an integral part of its corporate culture, a Whistleblowing Policy, which provides a structured framework that allows for the timely and effective management of any irregular or illegal acts, omissions, and behaviors. In parallel, the policy promotes open communication across the Bank, protects its reputation and reinforces a responsible attitude towards all matters of transparency and accountability.

Reward & Benefits

Pancreta Bank, strictly and with no exceptions, adheres to all legislative provisions, deriving from Legal, Industry and Collective Employment Agreements.

In parallel, the Bank updates and incorporates international and domestic reward and benefits practices and trends, maintaining its status as an Employer of Choice.

Additional Benefits

  • Group Life & Health Insurance for permanent employees and their family members
  • Counseling Support for employees and their families, provided by a specialist Mental Health & Wellness professional
  • Nursery school allowance
  • Childbirth delivery allowance
  • Student Expenses Allowance (for employees' children)
  • “Family Support" allowance for employees' children who obtain academic excellence results in the Greek National Examinations
  • Summer Camp allowance for employees’ children
  • Provision of additional paid leave for employees with needs of special care or child hospitalization child
  • Discounts on the Bank's commission rates for products and services.