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Dinamiko Ksekinima

Current account

Suitable for

students, above 18 years of age

Interest Rate


Up to €2,000: 0,75%

Debit card

 free of charge issue

Dinamiko Ksekinima

We believe and support the new generation!

If you have just started the University or enrolled in your school, the deposit account Dinamiko Ksikinima will help you carry out your daily transactions easily and safely:

  • Online transactions with your Debit card
  • Deposits / Cash withdrawals 
  • Send remittances to Greece or abroad 
  • Issue standing orders for bill payments through Digital Banking

With the opening of each account, you get a Debit card for free, as well as access codes for Digital Banking .

Find here the pre-contractual disclosure.

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Interest rate

The interest rate is Tiered and applied on the whole account balance, 0.75% for an amount up to €2,000.

The interest rate offer is valid until withdrawn by the Bank.

For amounts over €2,000 interest rate is 0.20%.

Find out about deposit rates here.

Supporting documents

The documents needed in order to start a banking relationship with Pancreta Bank in addition to 

proof of student/student status by presenting a certificate of enrollment or any other document of proof.

The account comes with: