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Strong customer identification with additional security code

3 Factor Authentication

As of Friday, September 1, Pancreta Bank is strengthening the security of your electronic transactions by activating an additional identification mechanism in special transaction categories.

When will the additional code be requested?

The additional code for secure  transactions (3 Factor Authentication) will be requested when making transfers and changing critical functions of Digital Banking (for example adding a registered device).

How will the additional identification be effected?

Every time you make a transaction through your computer or mobile device:

  1. first enter the one-time code you receive via SMS (OTP) or provided you have registered your device you will approve the transaction with a Push Notification (also valid today)
  2. then you will receive the additional code in the email that you have registered with the Bank and is used in Digital Banking (new).

Which is the legislation covering this particular change?

The new way of confirming transactions through identification is in the context of and under the Law 5019/2023 article 22, regarding the limitation of the payer's liability for unauthorized "phishing" payment actions.

It is additional to those required for the strong identification of transactions, in accordance with the implementation of the European Directive (PSD2) for Payment Services and enhances the security of transactions with its correct use.

For more information call +30 2810 338800.