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Employee Benefits

Group insurance program for employees


Tailor made coverage for your employees and their families


10 years program, with the possibility of interruption after the first year


Coverage even on short term staff

Information on your employees' insurance

Tailor Made solutions just for you and your business

According to the special needs of your business activity and staff we provide you solutions to insure life and health.

You can choose coverage between:

  • Loss of life
  • Partial or total incapacity
  • Accidents
  • Medical expenses after an accident
  • Hospital and outpatient care
  • Loss of income

Benefits for all

By insuring your staff, everyone wins.

  • Your staff remains efficient and feels safe in their work environment
  • You cultivate a relationship of trust with your staff
  • Business development is encouraged and intensified 
  • You attract quality human resources
  • You offer an incentive for skilled staff and executives to remain at your business
  • You offer staff benefits at low cost
  • You enjoy tax benefit
  • A socially responsible profile for your company is created


The Employee Benefits program offers flexibility in:

  • Inclusion of newly insured staff (seasonal employees)
  • Deletion of insured persons during the contract
  • Addition or removal of coverages depending on business needs
  • The coverage of family members of an employee

Additional features

  • Coverage for the main insured people applies at people aged 18 to 65
  • Dependent members are considered exclusively the legal spouse and unmarried children between the ages of 30 days and up to 18 years or up to 25 years if they are studying 
  • Immediate activation of group insurance upon payment of the first premium installment