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Pancreta Bank S.A. is in line with the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) aiming to secure cheaper, safer and innovative electronic transactions for consumers.

Within this context Pancreta Bank has developed the Pancreta API Portal offering to Third Party Providers (TPPs), such as FinTech companies, application developers and startups, the ability to develop new products and services using APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Third Party Providers (TPPs) can use:

> The API Center

to create and deploy new applications in a sandbox environment, using state of the art technologies

Interested in API Portal?
> The API Portal

to create new digital products and services in an open and secure way in cooperation with the Bank, using its infrastructure


  • The Bank innovates by expanding its digital advantage in the ever-evolving environment of fintech and digital transformation.

  • It provides APIs, based on PSD2 market initiatives and Open Standards (Berlin Group) that can be safely utilized by certified Third Party Providers (TPPs).

  • New added value applications, as well as products and services are developed through Third Party Providers (TPPs), in collaboration with the Bank.

  • The user experience is enhanced with secure access to banking services directly from the application used.

for Third Party Providers (TPPs)

  • Development of new applications on existing services
  • Direct cooperation with the Bank for new payment products and services
  • Strengthening Trust with Customers

for Customers

  • New added value services
  • Easier account management and payments
  • Protection and security

Open Banking Services

The term "Open Banking" refers to payment services that, according to PSD2 Directive, can be provided by Certified Third Party Providers (TPPs), e.g. other banks, payment or electronic money institutions. For the use of these services you must always state your consent.

The available Open Banking Services are:

AIS (Account Information Service). It allows Third Party Providers (TPP) to have access to information on your accounts in various banks; this service may be useful e.g. in credit rating and it gives you access to various accounts from one place.

PIS (Payment Initiation Service). It allows payments from your bank account. Upon your request the Third Party Provider (TPP) will be able to initiate a transfer order for a specific amount to a specified recipient (by no means will the TPP be a recipient of your money).

CAF (Confirmation of the Availability of Funds). It allows Third Party Providers (TPP) to check if you have a sufficient balance on your bank account to make a payment by card.


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Guidelines for Third Party Providers (TPPs)

Sign up for access to the API Center (sandbox)
Try APIs in a secure environment
Go Live with our Production Environment and use the Bank's Services (API Portal)

Banking Bot (Pancreta Bot)

The new Digital Assistant Service (Pancreta Bot) will be available soon to all Pancreta Bank customers. Pancreta bot is one of added value services based on Open Banking APIs. Through the Pancreta Bot you will be able to get information on the Bank's available products and services -for individuals and corporate customers-. At a later stage, you will be able to use additional Banking services through well-known messaging applications, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. To perform transactions through the Pancreta Bot you must register in the Pancreta Online service. Relevant information will soon be available.


Regulatory Technical Standards on strong customer authentication and secure communication under PSD2

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Availability of Pancreta Bank Open Banking PSD2 Developers Portal (27.07.2020)

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Availability of Pancreta Bank' Open Banking PSD2 Production APIs environment (27.07.2020)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about the PSD2 directive?

PSD2 [Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market] is a response to technology development and new payment services. More information at:

The PSD2 Directive, with its regulations incorporated into Greek legislation by Law 4537/2018, allows the creation of a single payment market in the EU and it ensures the security of your transactions and data protection. In addition, it introduces a new category of service providers known as Third Party Providers (TPPs) who will be able to provide additional services e.g. once you have consent, they will be able to have access on information related to your account, process payments, and check the availability of money in your account. Implementation of this directive also promotes the use of Open Banking services by Banks, with the aim of providing new products and services.

We have adapted our systems and terms of service to the new provisions of Law 4537/2018, in order to provide a more secure trading environment for Bank’s Clients. According to PSD2, Banks should provide APIs to TPPs, allowing secure online communication and banking certification.

In order to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the PSD2, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has developed Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). The information is available in English at the following link:

I want to use services of a Third Party Provider (TPP). What should I do?

Whenever you want to use a Third Party Provider’s (TPP’s) Open Banking services, contact your chosen TPP and after accepting the terms of its application, choose the available Open Banking services.

In order to use any Third Party Provider’s (TPP) service you have to enter the Pancreta Online service login credentials (User name, Password) to a secure Pancreta Bank Web page and give your consent. Consent registration for each service requires Strong Customer Authentication credentials by a one-time password code, either through a device, or through an SMS message.

Can I give consent only to the selected Third Party Provider (TPP)?

Yes, you can. Consent is issued to individual service providers for selected transactions (each service requires separate provision of consent).

In the case of the CAF service, you must first agree in Pancreta Bank secure website (in the repository of consents) that the Third Party Provider can offer this service.

Can I use TPP services if I am a co-owner of the account?

Yes, you can. As a co-beneficiary of the account you have the full right to express consent regarding access to account data and transaction history, as well as to initiate payment transactions.