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With normal priority: No limit in the amount

With instant priority: Up to 50.000€ per transaction


Money can be sent to Greece and abroad


Transactions through a safe environment

Sending a remittance via Digital Banking

You can send remittances in Greece or abroad 24/7 through Digital Banking, with absolute security

  • transfer money from your account to another account at Pancreta Bank
  • transfer money from your account to any Bank in Greece and abroad

Following the according simple steps:

  1. Log in to Digital Banking -Pancreta Online-,through web or mobile app
  2. Complete the necessary payment details such as IBAN, amount, beneficiary and
  3. Select the priority of your payment

For remittances with normal priority there is no limit, while for remittances with immediate priority (Instant) there is a limit of 50,000€ per transaction.

  • Direct execution of payment order
  • Competitive pricing
  • Transaction security

Terms and conditions

To send a remittance from Pancreta Bank

you must hold an account at Pancreta Bank and have login codes for Digital Banking.


Transaction security

Through Digital banking, your transactions are carried out in a secure electronic environment.

Find information on secure online transactions here.