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Loan amount

from €3.000 up to €25.000

Interest Rate

variable, Euribor 1M plus spread of 9,70%

Loan Term

from 6 up to 84 months

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  • Fast approval and disbursement process
  • Flexible repayment 
  • Preferential interest rate




Individuals with a permanent residence and income in Greece.


Loan Amount

From €3.000 up to €25.000

Interest Rate

Variable interest rate calculated at Euribor 1M plus spread of 9,70%

The interest rate is subject to Law 128/75 levy, today 0,60%.

In case of Euribor 1M being negative and for the whole period that it remains negative, zero reference interest rate will be applied

* APR: 14,99% for a €10.000 loan, with a loan term up to 60 months, with nominal variable interest rate consisting of Euribor 1M (Euribor's 1M rate used for the example is 3,75%), spread of 9,70% and Law 128/75 levy (today 0,60%)


Without loan fees

There are no fees for the examination and approval of your request.


The loan term is from 6 up to 84 months.

Loan’s repayment is carried in monthly installments through the borrower’s deposit account at Pancreta Bank.

All or part of your loan can be repaid at any period, even before the agreed date, without charges.


No collateral required.

A guarantor may be deemed necessary while assessing the loan.

Optional Insurance

We offer you the opportunity to securely repay your loan in case of unforeseen events through the Borrowers’ Life insurance program, that covers loss of life for any reason or Total Permanent Disability (TPD).

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