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Basic scheme pillars

Green transition
Digital transformation
Innovation-research & growth

Funding scheme



Private participation:20%

Loan term

from 3 up to 12 years

Recovery and Resilience Facility

Pancreta Bank participates in the National Plan Greece 2.0 and supports the recovery of businesses.

Loans through RRF are addressed to many different industries covering multiple types of expenses giving the opportunity of financing to entrepreneurs who did not have this possibility in the past.
Expenditures that are eligible should serve investment projects that promote:

  • Green transition
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation-research and development of economies of scale, through partnerships, mergers and extroversion including tourism

Funding scheme:

Loan through RRF: up to 50%

Loan through bank: at least 30%

Private participation: at least 20%

Terms & Conditions

Loan term

From 3 up to 12 years, with possibility of grace period up to 3 years. 

Preferential interest rate

The interest rate of RRF loans is determined by a Joint Ministerial Decision issued under the authorization of Article 4 of Law 4822/2021.

For each loan, the interest rate specified in the said GPA, as it applies at the time of signing the Final Recipient Loan Agreement and is confirmed by the Independent Appraiser (currently 0.35%). Loans through RRF are exempt from the contribution of Law 128/75 (0.60%).

The interest rate of Co-financing loans is determined in accordance with the Bank's credit policy.


Indicative eligible costs

  • Fields, Buildings, Equipment, Means of Transport (purchase and use), Intangible purchase and use (depreciation/subscriptions) (e.g. trademarks, PC software, license agreements, etc.)
  • Payroll linked to the investment plan
  • Movements / bills of lading
  • Third party services
  • Consumables
  • Operating expenses
  • Working capital (operating expenses, expenses related to the transaction circuit of the business, VAT, etc.)
  • Promotion and communication expenses (Marketing)

Indicative excluded costs

  • Activities prohibited by applicable national legislation
  • Activities that violate human rights and individual freedoms
  • Use, development or production of defense products prohibited by international law
  • Products and activities related to tobacco, gambling, sex trade
  • Excluded activities from Horizon Europe funding
  • Activities involving live animals for experimental and scientific purposes, as long as there is no guarantee of compliance with the relevant European Legislation.
  • Real estate development activities (with certain exceptions)

How to submit a request

At any of our branches our specialized staff will guide you at every step of the process. 

The time required for application/approval/contract/disbursement process is minimized, so that the company with interest in the loan can immediately implement its plan.