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Enhance your cash flow by outsourcing your company's accounts receivable management and collection processes, safeguarding against the risks of potential defaults.

Pancreta Bank provides a wide range of factoring products and services through its subsidiary company Pancreta Factors S.A. 

Target Audience

Factoring is offered to small, medium, and large enterprises (Suppliers) engaged in the sale of products or provision of services on short-term credit to their Buyers, covering both repetitive and one-off purchasing behaviors.

Services Offered
  1. Financing to Suppliers in the form of an advance payment, calculated as a percentage of the assigned receivables' value
  2. Day-to-day handling of the assigned receivables
  3. Buyer contact for the assigned receivables reconciliation and collection 
  4. Assessment of Buyers' creditworthiness through the analysis of financial data and information on their trading behavior
  5. Buyers credit risk cover
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For further information, please visit the Pancreta Factors website to explore the available factoring products and services that suit your needs.


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