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construction or buy of a working PV station up to 500kW

Interest Rate

 Euribor 3M, plus spread from 2.50%

Loan term

up to 18 years

We support green growth and encourage business investment in renewable energy production


The loan is available for the construction of new PV stations with up to 500 kW power, for production and sale of electricity power, but also for the purchase of an operating or ready-to-operate PV station with up to 500 Kw power, for the production and sale of electricity.

Beneficiaries of the loan are:

  • Businesses of any legal form based in Greece, including Start-up companies and Energy Communities and
  • Professional farmers by extension of their subject matter


  • One off for active PV stations or in operational readiness
  • Partial for PV stations under construction

Construction VAT Financing

For your convenience during the construction phase of the project, we offer the option of a fully VAT funding, with Working Capital up to €30,000, repayment period up to 2 years and a preferential interest rate.

Grace Period

Up to 12 months for PV stations under construction or ready to operate.


In quarterly installments.

Option to repay the loan before the agreed date without any charges.


Funding percentage

  • Up to 80% of the accepted by the Bank cost of the investment  and
  • Up to 100% of the purchase price, if the investment concerns the purchase of a functioning or operationally ready PV station.

Loan term

Up to 18 years (including grace period), provided that two additional years remain until the end of the guaranteed price contract.

Interest Rate

Variable, based on Eurbor 3M, plus spread of 2,50% and Law 128/75 levy.

Spread is determined  by the percentage of the own participation in the investment and the additional collateral provided (pre-notation on the property, pledge of deposit).

Find out more about interest rates here .


1% on the amount of the loan with a minimum of €1,500.

The loan is charged with the costs of the legal and technical audit, as well as the costs of the annual update of the credit relationship.


The project is mandatorily insured during the construction phase and during its operation phase against fire and other risks.

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