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Pancreta Online, easy daily transactions for your business

The Digital Banking of Pancreta Bank, Pancreta Online, facilitates you to monitor the balances and the transactions of your business accounts, loans and cards.
You can transfer money between your accounts, to third parties within Greece or abroad, and make payments to merchants and Organizations, easily, quickly, securely and at a lower cost, 24 hours a day from your computer, mobile phone or tablet wherever you are, with the option of exporting the payments in an Excel file , PDF or CSV.

Digital Banking


  • Money transfers, instant or normal priority, within Greece or abroad, either in Euros or foreign currency
  • Organizational payroll payments with electronic file entry
  • Payments of your debts on a specific date, towards the public sector, merchants and Organizations
  • Online applications for obtaining a check book, reissuing a debit card PIN, changing the daily transaction limit of a debit card
  • Manage your log in credentials, username and password, and the registered device
  • Modify the usage rights and the name of the deposit accounts
  • Search for individual or post-dated checks
  • Export transaction receipts in PDF format and send them to the email of your choice.

All of the above can also be done from the mobile application, except for the following actions:

• Load payroll and payee payment file
• Online application of bank checks
• Export files
• Beneficiary management


How to register to Digital Banking

If you are a customer of Pancreta Bank and wish to access the online banking service, visit one of our branches to obtain access codes.


Mobile Apps

The Pancreta Online app is available on all platforms, for Apple (Appstore), Android (Google Play) and Huawei (Huawei App Gallery) devices.

Services & Payments

The IRIS payments  service enables you, either as a Freelancer or as a Sole Proprietorship, to receive money immediately, but also to transfer money using just the recipient's mobile number or tax id number, free of charge, regardless of the cooperating bank.
The app is available on the Appstore, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery platforms.

  • Updating account movements with e-statements. You can see the movements and balances of your bank accounts and credit cards in detail.
  • Payroll payments

Useful Q&As on Digital Banking

How do you monitor your account transactions

  • Via a desktop environment or via the Pancreta Online app for mobiles and tablets, you are informed about the transactions and balances of your bank accounts, cards and investment products
  • You can always the call Pancreta Bank’s 24-hour telephone service, (+30) 2810 33 88 00 for bills and cards
  • From the monthly Credit Card Transaction statements sent by mail

How can you recover your username and/or password in case you forgot it

  • The legal representative of the company can call on the 24/7 Pancreta Bank's telephone service at (+30) 2810 33 88 00 and retrieve the username.
    As far as for the password he can request a new one by phone.
    Alternatively, he can visit a branch of our network and our experienced staff will support him.

How can you change your login codes

  •  You have the option to change your Login credential codes, Username and Password, from the " My Profile" menu at Pancreta Online 

Is there a daily limit for transfers outside the Bank in Digital Banking

The legal representative of the company can call on the 24/7 Pancreta Bank's telephone service at (+30) 2810 33 88 00 and modify the company's transaction limit for one day.
Alternatively, he can visit one of our stores and apply for a limit change, either permanently or temporarily.

How can you reproduce a transaction receipt

You can reproduce a transaction receipt, provided that the transaction has been executed through Digital Banking.
It is available to the user who executed it, in the section  “My profile” or "Online Activity". 

Can you pay an employee to an overseas iban through the payroll file

The payroll file concerns exclusively transfers to third-party accounts at Pancreta Bank or a domestic bank in euros currency only.

How i print My Data invoices through Digital Banking

This feature is not available through Digital Banking.
Please contact the branch of your cooperation.