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IRIS Payments

Pancreta Bank, through its Digital Banking, offers you new possibilities on instant money transfers, through a desktop environment (web) or an application (app).
The IRIS payments  service enables you, either as a Freelancer or as a Sole Proprietorship, to receive money immediately, but also to transfer money using just the recipient's mobile number or tax id number, free of charge.
The app is available on the Appstore, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery platforms.

How you register for the IRIS Payments service

You can register within Digital Banking either during the execution of transactions in the "Transactions" section or in the "Profile" section.
In particular, the mobile phone number you have submitted to the Bank and the list of your active accounts are displayed, so that you can choose to which  account the amounts will be credited while using the IRIS payments service.
Once you register, the system generates a QR code which can be used by the sender instead of the mobile number.

How you get instant payment in your account

Condition for receiving instant payments to an account you maintain at Pancreta Bank is your registration in the IRIS payments service via Digital Banking. 


How you perform transactions using the IRIS payments service

From the "Transactions" section, you choose to enter either the Mobile Phone Number (if the recipient is an individual) or the tax id number (if the recipient is a sole proprietorship and freelancer), or to scan (QR Scanning) the recipient's details.

How to create a QR code for transfer via QR Scanning

The QR code generation option is especially useful for Freelancers and Sole Proprietorships as you can use it in printed form to make it easier when dealing with your customers.  
From the "Profile" section, select the QR code display icon. Then you present the QR code to the sender to scan it and proceed with sending the remittance

What are the fees for using the IRIS payments service

The service will be offered at zero charge, either for sending or receiving money.