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Wired or wireless POS from Pancreta Bank.

POS terminals offer an additional payment method for your customers with speed and security.

In accordance with the joint ministerial decision on the obligation to accept card payments (article 65 of Law 4446/2016), a number of professionals are obliged to accept card transactions.

  • Increase in sales, facilitation to customers by offering an additional payment method
  • Secure and fast transactions, without the need to manage cash
  • Credit of the transaction amount to the business’s account within a day 
  • Compliance with legislation

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POS categories

All terminals offered by Pancreta bank accept transactions with Visa and Mastercard cards, with technology chip & pin, contactless or physically.

Choose the POS that best suits your business:

  • If the business activity does not require movement of  the POS, a wired POS is the ideal solution
  • If the business activity requires movement of  the POS (e.g. restaurants, bars etc) the wireless POS  provides flexibility.

When choosing a POS terminal you must consider the pros:

  • Flexibility to accept different types of transactions
  • Speed of transaction handling and ease to use
  • Durability to daily use and guarantee provided
  • Support service in the cases of transaction problems or terminal damage.

Which cards are supported

Credit, debit and pre-paid cards

  • Visa
  • V-Pay
  • MasterCard and
  • Maestro

How do you get your POS Terminal

  • Visit a Pancretabank branch having the following documents:
  1. A business commencement certificate by the competent Tax Office containing any changes
  2. Form E3 for businesses keeping Class B accounting books
  3. Balance sheet/profit and loss account for businesses keeping Class C accounting books
  4. Periodic VAT statement (of the current year) or recent balance sheet (of the current year).
  • You receive personalized pricing based on the needs and size of your business
  • Your application is then assessed by the Bank
  • You are informed by an employee of the branch on your request and you visit the branch to sign the contract
  • You receive the POS at your businesses address ready for use, along with simple and detailed installation instructions.



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