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Pancreta EASY BUSINESS - Business Premises Loan

Financing rate

up to 100% of the investment cost 

Loan duration

up to 20 years

Grace period

up to 18 months 

Pancreta EASY BUSINESS - Business Premises Loan

House your business on your own premises

Pancreta Bank provides you with financing to house your business on your own premises.

Whether you wish to purchase new premises or expand / renovate the existing premises of your business, Pancreta Bank offers you the appropriate financing solution through the Business Premises Loan Pancreta EASY BUSINESS in order to obtain the ideal facilities for the operation and development of your business.

Pancreta EASY BUSINESS - Business Premises Loan is designed for small businesses and professionals and is ideal for: 

  • Purchase, construction, completion or extension of business premises and facilities
  • Renovation, repair, maintenance of privately owned or leased business property  
  • Purchase of a plot of land for the purpose of building business premises / facilities
Loan Features

From 10,000 €

Financing rate 
Up to 100% of the cost of the investment and up to 80% of the property’s appraised commercial value in case of pre-notation 

Up to 20 years

Interest rate 
Floating, based on Euribor 3Μ plus margin, from 2.25%, plus contribution of Law 128/75 (today 0.60%).
The interest rate margin is determined according to the credit rating assessment of the business and the type of collateral provided.

Find out more about the interest rates here.

Through monthly or quarterly installments.
Option of early repayment (partial or full) without penalty.

Grace period 
Up to 18 months 

- Lump-sum disbursement for the purchase of business premises or plot of land
- Partial disbursements for construction, completion, extension, renovation/repair/maintenance of the business premises