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With the Digital Banking of Pancreta Bank, Pancreta Online, you transact easily, quickly, securely and at a lower cost, 24 hours a day from your computer, mobile phone or tablet wherever you are.
At the same time, you can control your banking products -accounts, cards and investments-, check your balances, make transfers and send remittances from your accounts in other domestic and foreign banks, in euros and foreign currency, make your cards' payments as well as payments to organizations and companies.


Useful Information

How to register to Digital Banking

In order to access Pancreta Bank's Digital Banking service and carry out your digital banking transactions, you should:

  • Maintain at least one deposit account in Pancreta Bank
  • Have declared your mobile phone number and your email address

Registration is free and can be done in two ways:

  1. “Enroll to Digital Banking” by yourself on the website
  2. Visit any branch of PancretaBank and take your personal codes at the same time.

For the registration through Pancreta Online, you will need to:

  1. Fill in all the appropriate fields of the    registration form
  2. Have the mobile phone you have registered with the Bank available, as identification messages will be sent to you
  3. Have access to your e-mail

In case you need any kind of assistance during the procedure, please call the Pancreta Bank’s 24-hour telephone service on (+30) 2810 33 88 00.



Mobile Apps

The Pancreta Online app is available on all platforms, for Apple (Appstore), Android (Google Play) and Huawei (Huawei App Gallery) devices.

Online Products

You can safely open a term deposit through Digital Banking either from a computer or the mobile app, in just a few minutes, with a preferential interest rate proportional to the amount, currency and duration of your deposit.

  • Order Check Book

Apply online and order a check book

Services & Payments

The IRIS payments service enables you, to send money immediately using just the recipient's mobile number or tax id number, free of charge, regardless of the cooperating bank.

  • e-statements

Either having logged in from a computer or from a mobile appliance, you can monitor the transactions and balances of your bank accounts and credit cards in detail.

Our Bank terminated the issuance of paper statements for all deposit accounts. Find out more about the discontinuance of passbooks here.

Useful Q&As on Digital Banking

How Digital Banking facilitates your daily life

  • You can monitor your account activity and balances at any time 24 hours a day, even on weekends or holidays     
  • You can easily make bill payments to the Public sector, Organizations and Companies
  • You can pay your credit card wherever you are
  • You can transfer money between your accounts or to third parties directly (also possible through IRIS Payments service)
  • You are informed about your investment portfolio
  • You are able to create standing orders

How can you monitor your account and card activity

  • Via a desktop environment or via the Pancreta Online app for mobiles and tablets, you are informed about the movements and balances of your bank accounts, cards and investment products
  • You can always call the Pancreta Bank’s 24-hour telephone service, (+30) 2810 33 88 00 for bills and cards
  • From the monthly Credit Card Transaction statements sent by mail



How can you recover your password in case you forgot it

  • You can easily retrieve it from your mobile or computer, on the Pancreta Online Home Page, from the "Having trouble logged in" option or
  • Call the Pancreta Bank’s 24-hour telephone service, at (+30) 2810 33 88 00

Alternatively, visit one of our branches and our experienced staff will support you.

How i can change my login codes

You have the option to change your Login credential codes, Username and Password, from the " My Profile" menu.

How i can modify my daily transfer limit

To change your daily transaction limit for 1 day, call the 24/7 Pancreta Bank's  telephone service at (+30) 2810 33 88 00 or alternatively visit one of our branches.

Do i get a transaction receipt

Upon completion of a transaction, the "Transaction Receipt" option appears on your screen and you can either print it, save it, or send it via email. Also, you can search for it at any time from the menu: "Online Activity" or " My Profile".

Can i change my mobile phone and/or email address

  • Update your details through Digital Banking from the “My Profile” menu via eGov-KYC option. A necessary condition is that you have already updated the system of the National Contact Registry (E.M.Ep.) with your new mobile phone number and e-mail
  • Alternatively, visit one of our branches and register your new details by providing a recent mobile phone bill statement for your mobile phone number
  • In case you are a non greek resident please visit the below link:

Secure your online activity

How do you “build” your tax free amount

The tax-free amount is built up with all the expenses made by electronic means of Pancreta Bank (debit and credit card purchases in physical or online stores or money transfers).
To build your tax free, you need to collect e-receipts equal to 30% of your income.
Within our Digital Banking, when you log in to “My Profile”, in the Menu / Tax Free Expenses, you can monitor the total tax free amount at any time.