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Loan Amount

from €25.000 

Interest Rate

fixed rate for 3,5 or 10 years from 3.00%

Loan Term

up to 10 years

Oikia Fixed Rate

Manage your every housing need

Aquire your home with a fixed installment loan and get better control over your finances.


  • Possibility of a grace period up to 12 months
  • Possibility of early partial or full repayment without charge
  • Lump sum disbursement for the purchase of a house or plot or partial disbursements depending on the progress of construction




Individuals, whose age will not exceed the 75th year at the ending period of the loan. 



Mortgage Loan Oikia Fixed Rate is available for the purpose of

  • purchase, construction, completion, repair of a residence or
  • the purchase of a plot of land to build a house.



Financing percentage

Depending on the purpose of the loan financing could be:

  • Up to 80% of the commercial value of the pre noted property, according to the Bank's engineer evaluation report or 
  • Up to 100% of the amount due, based on the purchase contract or on the cost of construction works


Interest Rate

Interest rate depends on the loan term.

Loan term 

Fixed rate


Up to 3 years


≤ 60%
60% < LTV ≤ 80%

Up to 5 years


≤ 60%
60% < LTV ≤ 80%

Up to 10 years


≤ 60%
60% < LTV ≤ 80%


  • Interest rate is determined by financing's percentage
  • Interest rates are subject to Law 128/75 levy, currently 0,12%.

Find here all the information on interest rates.


Indicative example of mortgage loan with fixed rate and physical collateral (loan term of 10 years)

For mortgage loan amount €100.000 (total credit amount) with nominal annual fixed rate of 4,20% (60% < LTV ≤ 80%), plus Law 128/75 levy, today 0,12%, for which repayment in 120 monthly installments is agreed and collateral with pre notation of the property,  one off costs of €605,60, and total insurance costs for the case of Fire & Earthquake €1.440:

Total credit amount: €100.000

Total credit cost: €25.373,17 of which €23.327,57 is rates, costs €605,60 and insurance costs €1.440

Total repayment amount: €125.373,17

Indicative APR: 4,54 %


Loan fees

There are no fees for the examination and approval of your request.

Costs of legal, technical inspection and pre-notation's registration are on the borrower, in accordance to the currently applicable Commission Invoice.



Loan term is up to 10 years.

Repayment is carried in monthly installments through the borrower’s deposit account at Pancreta Bank.





  • Pre notation of the property 
  • A guarantor may be deemed necessary while assessing the loan.


  • Mandatory Fire-Earthquake property insurance
  • Opportunity to securely repay your loan in case of unforeseen events through the Borrowers’ Life insurance program that covers loss of life for any reason or Total Permanent Disability (TPD)

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