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Disposition Period

24th December 2023


Minimum capital amount of €10,000

Maximum capital amount of €500,000


Guarantee 80% from EIB per loan

Funding guaranteed by EIF

Funding guaranteed by EIF

Get liquidity for your business with an Investment Loan or Venture Capital provided as part of the business plan of the investment.

With a preferential Floating Interest Rate, reduced by a percentage between 10%-25% compared to the usual interest rate based on pricing policy and Reduced Collaterals, which will not exceed 30% of the financing amount.

The Guarantee provided concerns new Loans that will be disbursed within the Availability Period of the product, until December 24, 2023 for Investment and Working Capital loans as part of the investment.

Terms & Conditions


  • Professional farmers
  • Young farmers
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Producer Groups and Organizations 
  • Private small/ medium businesses in specific sectors, those of  processing and selling agricultural products

Who aim to 

  • cover the same participation of the projects included in the investment plans
  • cover cost of procession 
  • to fun relevant investments.

Type, amount & loan term

For Investment loan 

  • Minimum capital amount € 10.000 
  • Maximum capital amount € 500.000

For Working Capital loan 

  • Up to € 200.000 or 30%of the total amount of investment costs. 

Loan term is up to 10 years with a grace period of 12 months for working capitals loan and 24 months for investment loans.


  • Preferential interest rate
  • Reduced Collaterals


Eligible and non eligible costs

Indicative eligible costs 

  • Acquisition of new or used equipment and machinery according to the submitted business plan
  • VAT costs
  • Live animals and annual and perennial plants and their planting.
  • Purchase of land up to 10% of its total eligible cost investment
  • Transfer of ownership rights related to business provided that such transfer is carried out between independent investors
  • New slaughterhouses, except poultry at island regions
  • Energy production premises

Indicative non eligible costs

  • Aid relating to the sale by farmers, non-agricultural products to any retail customers 
  • Aid relating to the processing of products other than agricultural products
  • Support for genetically modified products
  • Fines, monetary penalties, legal and court costs, exemptions from charges
  • Charges, premiums and other financials
  • New olive production industries
  • Consumer loans

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