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A world of privileges for our distinguished customers

Preferential pricing 

Our COBALT customers enjoy convenience and security in everyday transactions with exclusive products and preferential prices.

  • COBALT credit card without annual fee
  • COBALT debit card without annual fee
  • Mortgage loan with no application fees
  • Investment products with preferential pricing
  • Term deposits with a preferential interest rate
  • Home Insurance Synet Home Premium with a 10% discount

Your personal Wealth Management Advisor will inform you on how you can take advantage of the preferential pricing offered to COBALT Personal Banking members, in your banking and investment transactions.

Comprehensive update on financial markets in the global economy and participation in exclusive events

You have at your disposal regular updates and analysis on developments in global markets through our website or your personal Wealth Management Advisor. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events where expert analysts present the latest market trends, so that you are always informed and ready for the next steps in the management of your wealth.

Personal Service

Designated areas in our branches

Personal service requires time and space. In our branches you can enjoy a high level of service with discretion in our COBALT exclusive areas.

Dedicated telephone service line

For any question you may have you can call us at 210 6962150, so that you can be serviced on a priority basis. The telephone line is available to you 24/7.