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  • Will new Pancreta Bank IBAN which will be activated as from the transfer date, be communicated prior to the transfer date? If yes, how sooner?

Yes, new IBAN will be communicated to you by HSBC through a letter to the customers’ statement address prior to the transfer date through a letter to the customers’ statement address.

  • Can I close my account that is connected with the repayment of my loan / card?

You do have this ability, however please note that since it is obligatory your loan /card to be connected with a deposit account, you must proceed with the opening of a new account with Pancreta Bank as soon as possible. Otherwise, your loan/card would not be serviced properly and result in delinquencies.

Payroll Account

  • Will there be any changes to the benefits associated with my HSBC payroll account ?

We will be able to give you more info in due time.



  • Will there be any changes to foreign currency deposits?  USD? Other currencies?

Your foreign currency deposit accounts will be transferred to Pancreta Bank under the same terms and conditions.

  • What will happen to the Time Deposit that matures after the transaction date?

Your Time Deposit will be transferred to Pancreta Bank under the terms and conditions as applicable on the Trasfer Date.  After the Transfer Date you will be able to renew it with a Pancreta Bank Time Deposit of your choice.

 Deposits Abroad

  • What happens to my HSBC offshore deposit and investment accounts? Will I have access through Pancreta?

Your HSBC offshore deposit and investment accounts will not be transferred to Pancreta Bank. Therefore, you will not have access to them through Pancreta. You may contact directly the HSBC Overseas Call centre and Branch your allocated RM to be serviced.


  • Will I continue to use the credit and debit cards I currently have or will I receive new ones from Pancreta Bank?

Your credit or debit card issued by HSBC will continue to be fully operational. In the future all cards issued by HSBC will be replaced by Pancreta Bank.

  • Will the security PIN number (credit / debit cards) remain the same or will I receive new ones?

Your security PIN number (credit/debit cards) will remain the same.

  • Will the electronic transactions I make with my debit/credit card be authorised by me the same way?

The authentication process for your e-commerce transactions will change.

During your first transaction you will be informed about the authentication process in detail (3D Secure).

  • Can I perform authentication with push notification on my mobile phone to confirm an e-commerce transaction?

Yes, you will be able to be authenticated during e-commerce transactions with push notification. You only need to register your mobile phone in Pancreta mobile app and you will be able to authenticate transactions via push notification on your mobile phone. For more information please the dedicated section in the corporate  website. 

  • Will I be able to continue to withdraw money at no cost from the Alpha Bank ATMs? 

You will be able to withdraw money from your accounts at no cost from the Alpha Bank ATM network.

  • Using my Credit card, can I make withdrawals from a savings account from the ATM Networks of Pancreta and Alpha bank?

Yes, you can use your credit card to perform withdrawals from a linked saving account through the Pancreta ATM Network.

  • How can I activate an HSBC Credit or Debit card after transferring them to Pancreta Bank?

Your card can be activated from the Pancreta Bank Call Center as well as at any ATM of the Pancreta Bank and Alpha Bank ATM Network from 31/07/2023.

  • My HSBC Debit and Credit cards are about to expire. Will I receive a renewal?

The cards will be renewed normally. Card numbers will remain the same. Your new card will be using the new and updated layout of Pancreta Bank.

  • What should I do if I lost/stolen my HSBC card but it was not activated. Do I have to report her loss?

You must report the loss of your card immediately to the Pancreta Bank Call Center. At the same time, you will be able to state if you wish to reissue your card. In case of reissuance of your card, card will have a new number and will be using the new and updated layout of Pancreta Bank.

  • Has anything changed regarding the HSBC debit card usage limit? In case my debit card my daily withdrawal limit was zero (€0), will this remains the same? 

Your card's total daily transaction limit remains unchanged. In case that the daily withdrawal limit of your debit card was set to zero (€0), this will remain the same except for transactions that are performed through the Pancreta ATM Network and Alpha Bank ATM Network. The withdrawal limit of your debit card for transactions through the Pancreta and Alpha Bank ATM Network will be the same with your total daily limit.

Standing orders

  • What about my standing instructions, direct debits and my credit card automatic payoff?  What will happen to future dated payments?

All payment methods mentioned will continue to be valid without any action required on your side except for International SEPA Direct debits which you will need to update the mandate with the Pancreta Bank IBAN.


  • What will happen with my loans (Mortgage, Personal, Business)? If my loan is currently protected via a State government program, ( e.g. Katselis Law), will there be any change to the terms?

All loans will be transferred to Pancreta Bank under the same terms and conditions as applicable on the Transfer Date.

Digital Banking

  • When will i have access to the Digital Banking platform of Pancreta Bank?

The transition of products and services is estimated to be completed on the evening of Sunday, July 30, 2023. Immediately after, you will be sent an email notification on how to log in to Digital Banking.

In case you are a customer of Pancreta Bank and HSBC you will retain two accounts in Digital Banking until their consolidation.

  • Will I be able to access Global View and Global Transfers through Pancreta' s Digital banking?

The Global View and Global Transfer services for Greece accounts will not be supported by Pancreta Bank. You can continue to access your other HSBC offshore accounts including Global View/Transfers services by using the HSBC Online banking service for the countries you hold accounts in.

  • Will I keep my current username and password?  How will I register to Pancreta' s  Digital and Mobile banking?

You will receive an email with specific instructions regarding your first login to Pancreta Bank's Digital banking service. You will then be able to set your own username and password.



Will I be able to deposit cash to my account and make a payment to my credit card using Pancreta ATMs? 

Cash deposit and Credit Card payment will be available on Pancreta Bank's ATMs.


  • Will I have access to the same investment products and the same investment houses? Will I have access to multiple currencies in my investments?  Will there be any changes to my Investment portfolio?

There will be absolutely no change in product and service propositions, to which you will continue to have access through the Financial Planning Service (investment advice service) that is currently available to you. Your current investment portfolio will remain intact.
You will have access to the same capabilities in terms of portfolio review, while enjoying the same level of service through our relationship managers.

  • Will Pancreta Bank continue to provide investment advice?

Yes, investment advice will continue to be provided by Pancreta Bank in all ex HSBC Branches.


  • Will there be any change to my Premier status as a result of the transfer?

 Your status will remain the same and you will continue to receive benefits.


Insurance products

  • I have an investment-insurance program of Allianz (Ef Zin) through HSBC. Will my product be affected? How am I going to be served?

All insurance programmes of Allianz will not be affected and any requirements will continue to be served from the branch and/or the insurance company, depending on the requirement.

  • I pay for my insurance with my HSBC credit card. Will anything change?

Insurance products paid through credit card will continue to be paid under usual process without any change in the payment mode.

  • For my insurance policies, will I continue to be serviced by the Bank's branches, as was the case until now?

All insurance policies will continue to be serviced by the same branches (ex-HSBC branches).


  • Will I be serviced by the same branch and will my Relationship Manager be the same?

Yes, you will be serviced at the same branch by your appointed Relationship Manager.

  • Will the call center phone numbers and servicing hours remain the same?

All call center phone numbers will remain the same and servicing hours will be extended to 24/7.

Corporate Customers

Digital Banking

  • Will the company continue to have access to HSBCnet post the transaction date?

After the completion of the transfer to Pancreta Bank, customers will no longer have access to HSBCnet. Payment instructions initiated on HSBCNet to the debit of HSBC Greece accounts will be accepted until 17.00 hrs on Wedensday 26 July 2023. HSBC accounts will neverthless be visible on Greek based HSBCNet profiles up to 17.00 hrs on Friday 28 July 2023. HSBC Greece HSBCNet users will also be able to see and transact on accounts outside HSBC Greece until 17.00 hr on Friday 28 July 23.
PCB web banking will replace the HSBCnet offering similar functionalities on the accounts transferred to Pancreta Bank. You will receive an email from Pancreta Bank with specific instructions regarding your first login to Pancreta Bank's Digital banking.

  • What will be the process for setting up the new access to the accounts that are transferred to Pancreta? How long will this process take and can it be done remotely? How long can we expect to be offline? Will there be a token or digital app needed? If so could it be shared with customers prior to the transaction date?

Subject to the Transfer completing on 28 July as planned, access to Pancreta Online will be available from Monday 31st July.  You will receive an email from Pancreta Bank with specific instructions regarding your first login to Pancreta Bank's E-banking. Corporate customers currently accessing HSBC Greece accounts using HSBCNet of another HSBC site (not Greek profile)   will be able to request Digital banking access.  This will require them to complete a form for submission to Pancreta Bank directly prior to the migration date.  Pancreta Bank will then be able to make the necessary preparations to setup the new Digital Banking platform after the 31st of July.

  • What will happen to incoming payments to the old HSBC Bank Identification Code and IBAN numbers? Can payments be rerouted to the new Pancreta Bank account numbers?

Pancreta Bank advises that they have developed a capability to reroute any payments bound for the old HSBC IBANs, post closure, to the new Pancreta IBANs, as long as the payment is routed to the Pancreta BIC code STPGGRAAXXX. This capability is eligible only in the case of PCB's BIC (Bank Identity Code) STPGGRAAXXX being applied and is only available for high value payments and Dias payments. SEPA payments will be rejected by the clearing house and returned to sender as per their standard process whenever there is discrepancy between the BIC & the IBAN. Customers are encouraged to use the new accounts numbers and the Pancreta Bank BIC code STPGGRAAXXX for all payments post the Transfer date.

  • My company has Greek accounts loaded to an HSBCnet profile in another country. Will the company be able to view the Greek accounts? Could the company initiate payments from these accounts?

After the completion of the transfer to Pancreta Bank you will not have access to your company's Greek accounts through HSBCnet. Access to overseas accounts from a Greek HSBCNet profile is currently scheduled to be terminated at 16.30 hrs on Friday 28 July 2023. You will be able to access your Greek accounts via Pancreta 's Digital-banking from Monday 31 July 2023, once you have completed the necessary sign on procedures. You will receive an email from Pancreta Bank with specific instructions regarding your first login to Pancreta Bank's Digital banking.

  • Do I need to take any action regarding the transfer of my accounts to Pancreta Bank? Do I need to update my personal data at all?

No action is required by you concerning the transfer of your accounts, loans, investments etc to Pancreta Bank.
In the case of any changes that you may need to make to your personal data, we recommend that you visit the dedicated section in our website.

  • Which are the Digital banking capabilities of Pancreta bank?

You will be able to find information about the services and capabilities of Pancreta' s Digital banking in the dedicated section of Pancreta Bank's corporate website. 

  • From HSBC account the company have file upload option. Will this option be available in Pancreta?

Yes, this option is also available in Pancreta' s Digital banking.

  • Will my current HSBCnet users have the same accesses / authorities?

The same accesses/authorities will be supported in Pancreta 's Digital banking. You will receive an email from Pancreta Bank with specific instructions regarding your first login to  Digital banking.

  • From my HSBC account the company initiates payroll payments. Will there be the same capabilities in Pancreta?

You will be able to initiate payroll payments via Pancreta Bank 's Digital banking. Υou can find information about the payroll service via Pancreta online here.

  • Does our current signed agreement suffice, or we’ll sign a new one?

During the process of login for the fist time in Pancreta Bank's Digital banking  you will be requested to accept the platform's Terms & Conditions .

  • Shall we have the same customer support/service (dedicated persons)?

Pancreta Bank customer service will support all queries.




Will the pricing of payments be the same in Pancreta bank?

Accounts will be transferred to Pancreta bank with the same pricing applicable. Any re-pricing including payments' pricing may occur only subject to negotiation and agreement with the customer. 

Will the BIC address of the account change?

Yes. Pancreta Bank's BIC number will be applied.

Pancreta Bank capabilities for Tax & Social Security payments.

All such payments will be served through the Pancreta Bank branch network and/or through Pancreta’s digital banking.

What will happen to inflight incoming transfers that have not been executed?

Any payments received after the migration date will be rejected and returned to sender.
Any inward high value SWIFT payment destined to reach an account that will transfer to Pancreta Bank after the cut off time, should be sent to the new IBAN and BIC number with Pancreta Bank STPGGRAAXXX.

  • Will HSBC cheques be accepted by Pancreta bank?

Yes, HSBC cheques will be accepted by Pancreta bank.

  • What will happen to future dated payments?

Future dated payments will be executed by Pancreta bank.

  • What will happen to Direct Debits / Standing Instructions?

Direct Debits / Standing Instructions given by customers directly to HSBC Greece will continue to be valid in the new Pancreta Bank accounts without any action required on the part of the account holder.



  • In the case of the Seller’s own Insurance contract assigned to HSBC, will that be automatically transferred/assigned to Pancreta or any additional documents should be signed with the insurance company?

They will be transferred to Pancreta bank. If required, a new tri-party agreement will be signed between Pancreta bank, the client and the insurance company.

  • Will Factoring agreements keep the same term and conditions (limit, pricing, funding % , recourse or not etc)?

The terms and conditions of Factoring Agreements Schedules will remain unchanged. The main body of the agreement might change during a second phase, subject to the appropriate consent of customers.


  • Which e-mail & phone numbers should we contact regarding existing services and transactions of our company?

The current HSBC phone numbers will remain the same in Pancreta bank, thus the service will continue without any disturbance. You may also contact the central branch in Mesogeion ave. (210 696 0000) which will address your queries as needed.

  • Should we start directing guarantee issuance requests to Pancreta bank instead of HBCE Greece?

New guarantee issuance requests should be directed to Pancreta bank after the transfer date.

  • Will the new application forms for guarantee issuance/amendments be available before the transfer?

Up until the transfer date HSBC Greece will continue to provide products and services based on existing documentation and arrangements.  Fully cash collateralized issuances will continue to be processed according to the agreed terms and conditions until a formal communication is sent out on any changes to these.   No other guarantee requests will be able to be processed until after the transfer to Pancreta Bank, and we regret any inconvenience this causes.



  • Should a corporate customer opt to have their payroll via PCB, will their employees be able to withdraw cash from their PCB accounts from ATMs of other Banks (as done for HSBC via Alpha bank ATMs) without bank expenses?

Until further notice, the same levels of commissions will apply for Alpha Bank ATMs network as currently for HSBC.

Sepa payment

  • Does Pancreta participate in SEPA payment system?



  • Will the pricing of the account remain the same?

All accounts will be transferred to Pancreta Bank with the same pricing as applicable on the transfer date. Any re-pricing may occur only subject to the existing terms and conditions, and in line with the standard business processes.

  • Will new Pancreta Bank IBAN which will be activated as from the transfer date, be communicated prior to the transfer date? If yes how sooner?

Yes, as per the current planning new IBANs will be communicated by HSBC directly to customers in due course prior to the transfer date. 

  • Will the IBAN for the HSBC account remain the same?

A new Pancreta Bank IBAN will be issued and advised to HSBC customers prior to the migration to Pancreta Bank for all HSBC accounts. This IBAN will be activated only when the HSBC accounts migrate to Pancreta Bank.


General issues

  • 1. Will the accounts definitely be moved to Pancreta Bank or can they remain with HSBC          Greece?
    2. Are all Commercial Banking relationships being transferred?
    3. Will the HSBC operations in Greece be completely closed?
    4. If the accounts are moved, will new documentation be required?

HSBC Greece operations are being transferred to Pancreta bank and HSBC Greece will cease its banking activities post transfer. All accounts -including all account related documentation -will be transferred to Pancreta bank with a new number/IBAN, with no action required from customer's side unless you object.

  • Does the  sale impact only retail customers or Corporate clients as well and where do our own accounts fall within this framework?

Both Retail and Wholesale customers of HSBC Greece will be transferred to Pancreta bank unless you object. Upon transfer to Pancreta Bank your accounts will have a new number/IBAN.

Relationship Management

  • How will the global relationship be handled post the migration of the local business to Pancreta? Will a new Global Relationship manager be appointed to look after the overseas accounts?

Only your relationship with HSBC Greece is in scope for transfer to Pancreta Bank unless you object. The relationship management of any overseas accounts with other HSBC entities will be subject to individual review and circumstances by the respective HSBC entities.

  •  What will happen to the credit facilities post the transaction completion?

After the transfer date the Corporate department of Pancreta Bank will serve all HSBC customers who will be transferred.  Terms and conditions of existing credit facilities will transfer as is and Pancreta Bank will take over the relationship management of the accounts in all aspects, in line with their own policies and procedures.


  • Will HSBC have some kind of an MT101/MT940 agreement with to Pancreta Bank, which would allow customers abroad to view activity on the accounts, and to initiate payments etc. from HSBCnet?

Initiation of payments from Pancreta bank accounts through HSBCnet will not be an option.  Digital banking access to Pancreta bank accounts will nevertheless be available through the Pancreta Bank Digital banking platform.
Viewing new Pancreta bank account's statement in HSBCnet (as user of another HSBC abroad) through MT940 (swift statement), will not be available Day 1 but will be examined on 2nd phase.


  • Clarification requested on what will happen to my overdraft facility post transaction completion

All overdraft facilities will move to Pancreta Bank on the same terms and conditions.

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