Pancreta Entrepreneurship Corporate Cards
Debit Cards

Pancreta Entrepreneurship Corporate Cards
Debit Cards

Pancretabank Corporate Debit Card

Carry out your everyday transactions using PANCRETA BANK DEBIT card easily and securely without carrying cash with you and simultaneously build up your tax threshold.

Link your card to your deposit account, make purchases and ATM transactions, 24/7.

Your card incorporates Chip & Pin technology, ensuring extra security and convenience for your transactions.

Flexible, functional and personalized based on customer needs

  • Withdrawals and deposits from Pancreta Bank ATM network, using your bank account linked to the debit card.
  • Withdrawals from DIASNET ATMs in Greece and from any ATM with VISA  logo around the world.
  • Purchases in Greece and abroad with direct debit on your linked bank account, free of interest or additional charges.
  • Direct debit payments of phone bills, TV subscriptions, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Option to view and monitor your card transactions and account balance via Pancreta Online service.


  • The card is delivered to the cardholder in person, via Pancreta Bank branches
  • PIN is sent by post.
  • The card is issued inactive. It can be easily activated by choosing the “Card Activation” option in the Pancreta Bank ATMs or in any ATM of the Group of Cooperative Banks. Alternatively, it can be activated by calling +30 210 3397086, 24/7.

Transaction commissions & daily limits

  • The card is issued free of charge.
  • Annual fee of €3.60 per semester to cover card costs.
  • Free transactions in Pancreta Bank ATM network and in ATMs of the Group of ooperative Banks.
  • Free withdrawals up to €600 in Attica Bank ATMs.
  • ATM withdrawals abroad with a fee of €2,93 per transaction, in non EEA (European Economic Area) countries.
  • Purchases in Greece and abroad free of charge.

Transactions in DIAS ATMs and ATMs in EEA (European Economic Area) countries

Flat fee for ATM withdrawal €0,65
Balance inquiries €0,18

Additional charges may arise from the ATM provider