The Bank Information for Clients
Account Opening Documentation

The Bank Information for Clients
Account Opening Documentation

Documentation required for opening an account

The procedure for opening a deposit account entails submission of all documents that certify owners’ identity and income status.

Identification Details

For Greek citizens (one of the following):

  • ID Card
  • Valid passport (or equivalent document)
  • Identification card for persons serving with the Security Corps and the Armed Forces

For EU citizens:

  • Valid passport

For third-country citizens (one of the following):

  • Valid passport
  • Valid residence permit or other equivalent document
  • Entry visa or entry stamp
  • Special residence permit

Certification of Home Address and Telephone Number (one of the following):

  • Recent utility or mobile telephony bill
  • Home or office rental agreement that has been submitted to a Tax Office

Tax Data and Income:

  •  Income tax return form (for natural persons)
  • Income tax statement, including confirmation of submission and tax payment receipt (for natural person and traders)
  • Certificate of no obligation to submit a tax return (in the absence of one of the two aforementioned documents)

Business Data:

The following documents are submitted, on a case-by-case basis:

  • Certificate from the employer
  • Copy of last payroll statement
  • Statement of commencement of business operations
  • Professional identification
  • Document issued by a Social Insurance Entity
  • Unemployment Card
  • Valid alien’s residence permit