The Bank Corporate Governance
Quality Policy

The Bank Corporate Governance
Quality Policy

Pancreta Bank has defined and documented its policy, its objectives and its commitment to Quality, based on the implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The Quality Policy is adapted to the Bank's organizational objectives as well as to the requirements and expectations of its clients.

In this context:

  • Innovative methods and actions are implemented in order to create unique products and services and to ensure maximum coverage of customer needs through integrated, high quality servicing
  • The activities and the organizational structure are constantly under review and are adapted in order to fully comply with the requirements of the legislative framework governing the operation of the Banking Institutions
  • All modern technological means are exploited, for the continuous improvement of the Bank's infrastructure, aiming at maintaining its competitiveness and profitability
  • Mechanisms for identifying and capitalizing on all opportunities are being developed in every area concerning the operation of the Bank
  • All appropriate measures for the security of transactions and for the management of personal data are taken
  • There is a commitment to continuously increase the degree of satisfaction of the Bank's shareholders
  • Processes are constantly being improved and simplified so as to achieve flexibility, speed and efficiency in customer service
  • The capabilities and tools of the Quality Management System are exploited to permanently consolidate and improve its effectiveness
  • Training tools are applied to employees, aiming to develop operational knowledge, professional competence and awareness towards quality objectives
  • A high-standard working environment is maintained, safe for employees and customers.