Pancreta Entrepreneurship Solutions for Professionals
Payroll for Businesses

Pancreta Entrepreneurship Solutions for Professionals
Payroll for Businesses

Pancretabank can undertake the payment of employees’ salaries by crediting the amount to the payroll current account indicated by the client.


All it takes is a simple electronic procedure for any private or public enterprise so as to pay the salaries of its employees through Pancretabank.
The enterprise uses simple electronic means (e.g. Excel) to submit the payroll file containing the beneficiaries’ data and the corresponding amounts. Wages and salaries are credited to the company’s employees on the same day.
This procedure successfully benefits hundreds of enterprises and thousands of employees every month.
The Bank’s officers support every stage of the procedure.

  • Employees receive their salary through a payroll current account offering preferential interest rate and payment of interest from the first euro.
  • Cash availability on the same day.
  • Option for a free debit card linked to the account.
  • Option to set up a standing order for payments to all organisations participating in DIAS system, at low commission.
  • E-banking services for transfers of funds and payment of bills to all organisations participating in DIAS system.
  • Option for free of charge issuance of monthly account statement.

Employees receiving their salary via Pancretabank enjoy:

  • Fast and friendly service by the largest banking network in Crete;
  • Free, unlimited withdrawals from the ATMs of the Pancretabank network and the network of the Group of Cooperative Banks (more than 149 service points throughout Greece);
  • Optimal use of available income, with the competitive interest rates offered by the Bank to all savings accounts (Deposit Accounts and Time Deposits).