Individuals Services
Pancreta Online

Individuals Services
Pancreta Online

Pancreta Online service allows you to monitor the balance and the transactions of your deposit accounts, to make money transfers, payments to third parties, etc.

More specifically, you can:


  • Transfers of funds on a specific date, between deposit accounts held with Pancreta Bank;
  • Transfers of funds to deposit accounts held with another bank in Greece;
  • Payments on a specific date to cover your obligations. (State, utilities, home and mobile telephony, other companies, credit cards issued by Pancretabank and other banks);
  • Electronic applications for the issuance of a checkbook and for the purchase of cooperative shares.


  • The balance and transactions made through your deposit accounts; *
  • The details of the checks you have issued (individual checks, check status);
  • Transfers of funds to registered or unregistered accounts; *
  • Payments via Internet Banking; *
  • Your profile, i.e. your deposit accounts and your personal data – address, Tax Identification Number, etc.

* (option offered to export statements in Excel, PDF and CSV files)


  • Your password;
  • Your username;
  • Your profile data:
    - To modify your deposit accounts;
    - To rename the registered deposit accounts with a name of your choice;
  • Your template transactions;
  • The beneficiaries and the beneficiary groups, as well as upload a beneficiary file;
  • The stored devices on which you use the application;
  • The actions you have performed;
  • The daily transaction limits.


  • Save transactions as templates;
  • View the joint beneficiaries of your accounts (maximum of 4 joint beneficiaries per account);
  • Search for individual or post-dated checks;
  • Receive information on the number of your shares;
  • Modify the ranking of your accounts;
  • Save accounts as “favourites”;
  • Save a transaction as a template only after it has been initially executed;
  • Export transaction receipts in PDF format;
  • Save your device, adding a photograph, a PIN for quick connection, etc.

You can also perform all of the above from the Pancreta Online mobile app, except for the following:

  • Submitting electronic application for the issuance of a checkbook;
  • Exporting files;
  • Creating templates;
  • Managing beneficiaries;
  • Managing the daily transaction limit.