Farmers Products - Services
Contract Farming and Livestock Farming

Farmers Products - Services
Contract Farming and Livestock Farming

Pancreta Bank has been consistent in meeting the needs of Crete’s farmers by designing and offering specialised financial instruments and support services. 

With its novel, dynamic intervention in the sector of Contract Farming, the Bank has concluded agreements with a large number of reliable associated enterprises and cooperatives, aiming to support local agricultural production, as well as domestic and export activities. 

In the context of the Contract Farming Programme, the Bank implements “Interconnected Financing”. This type of financing is a tripartite relationship that highlights the equitable standing of three parties (Producer, Bank, Enterprise). 

  • the Bank
  • the Farmer – Producer
  • the Associated Enterprise (Commercial, Manufacturing, Agricultural Cooperative, Producer Group).


Farmers – Producers/Young Farmers/Cooperatives


The Programme guarantees

  • Immediate liquidity during the growing season.
  • Possibility to buy supplies, pesticides, etc. at lower prices.
  • Beforehand contracts with buyers for the purchase the production.
  • Quality certification of the production.
  • Immediate payment by the buyer at the price set in the sale/purchase agreement.

The enterprise

  • has the necessary liquidity to conclude more advantageous agreements with producers,
  • guarantees the sufficiency of products offered for sale,
  • handles its customers’ orders with consistency;
  • plans accurately the funds needed for the purchase of merchandise and raw materials,
  • reinforces the exportability of products,
  • improves its cash flow planning in the long term.
  • guarantees the quality of products marketed in the domestic and international markets