The Bank Corporate Governance
Board of Directors

The Bank Corporate Governance
Board of Directors

The Bank’s supreme body is the Members’ General Meeting, which elects the Board of Directors and provides the necessary authorizations for the management and administration of the Bank, as well as for the Bank’s legal representation before and out of courts. The Board of Directors is responsible, among others, for drafting the Bank’s strategic plan and monitoring its implementation. 

After the transformation of the Bank into a Société Anonyme, the composition of the Boards of Directors is the following: 

Chair, Non-Executive Member

Dimitrios Dimopoulos

Vice President, Non-Executive Member

George Sallas

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Member

Antonis Μ. Vartholomeos

Deputy Managing Director, Executive Member

George Kourletakis

Non-Executive Members

Joseph Sifakis

Petros Fourtounis

Independent – Non-Executive Member

Antonios Vasilakis
Konstantinos Papadakis
Marina Stavrakantonaki
Damianos Charalampidis
Iordanis Chatzikonstantinou