The Bank
Career opportunities

The Bank
Career opportunities

In Pancreta Bank we believe in our people and we offer all means to improve themselves. 

We select and evaluate candidates with objectivity, without prejudice or discrimination.
We ensure confidentiality and privacy for all candidates. 

We trust our people and give priority to internal staffing within the Bank.

We place special emphasis on candidates with ethos, professionalism and team spirit

External staffing

The following steps are followed:

 1. CV submission

 2. Candidate appraisal 

Through manpower planning specific staffing needs are defined in line with the corporate requirements and the specialized knowledge and professional experience for each position.

The procedure includes:

  • Aptitude tests
  • Professional conduct tests
  • Other specialized evaluation procedures

  3. Interviews

Candidates who successfully complete the previous steps are invited for a personal interview.

  4. Reply

Internal Staffing

Our primary objective is to cover our staffing needs through internal reassignments of human resources. 

This way, we train and encourage horizontal and vertical transitions within the Bank, so as to meet the best coverage of staffing needs by experienced and capable employees.

Selection Process

We openly communicate career opportunities and we follow transparent assessment procedures. Each process is differentiated according to the level of the position and its requirements in specialized knowledge and professional experience.

The procedure includes:

  • interviews,
  • aptitude tests,
  • professional conduct tests,
  • automated psychometric tests,
  • other specialized evaluation procedures.

Remuneration & Benefits

Aiming at attracting the most skilled professionals in the field and encouraging their personal development we monitor trends and labor market involvement in our sector, so as to ensure competitive compensation. We reward -ethically and materially- employees that contribute to Bank’s development in a distinctive way.

Additional Benefits

We additionally offer to our employees:

  • Group Insurance Scheme covering medical expenses and hospitalization as well as life, accident and permanent disability insurance.
  • Extra paid leave for disabled employees and employees having children or wife with disability, as well as, in case of maternity and children hospital care
  • Nursery allowance
  • Campsite allowance for children of Pancretabank employees.

Collective Representation

We aim at the strengthening of the dialogue with the representatives of our human resources in order to consolidate a better working environment. We discuss their requests and we achieve consensual solutions to issues arising in the workplace. We are fully compliant with the legislation framework pertaining to all employment contracts.

If you wish to work in Pancreta Bank, send your CV using one of the following ways:

  • Fax: +30 2810 390461

(To the attention of the Human Resource Department)

(To the attention of the Human Resource Department)

We will notify you via e-mail or over the phone in case of a job opening that matches your qualifications, so that you may produce the necessary documentation.