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“Εxoikonomisi kat’oikon II - 2nd Phase”

The Programme involves the provision of incentives to property owners for energy-saving interventions in the residential buildings with a view to reducing energy demand. It concerns buildings with a construction permit*, which are used as a main residence and whose owners fulfil certain income-related criteria. The loans are subsidized by Greek Development Bank SA, and are supported by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

*If the said construction or use is subject to an arbitrary settlement law, at least 30% of the total single fine should be paid upon application.


Maximum financing per client: up to €25,000.
The loan amount is calculated according to criteria such as the subsidy received by the beneficiary, income and family status.


The interest rate is fully subsidized for the entire duration of the loan.

  • Total or partial early repayment option without extra charges.
  • No loan costs.
  • No collateral required. Cash collateral may be accepted if the beneficiaries so wish, in order to improve their creditworthiness, especially in cases of elderly citizens, underages and citizens who do not have a sufficient personal income.

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