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Account Opening Documentation

Documents required for starting a banking relationship

To start your relationship with the Bank you need to submit a set of documents as described below:

  • 1. Personal Identification documents

    For Greek citizens (one of the following):

    • ID Card
    • Valid passport (or equivalent document)
    • Identification card for persons serving with the Security Corps and the Armed Forces

    For EU citizens (one of the following):

    • EU country ID
    • Valid passport

    For third-country citizens:

    • Valid passport and
    • Valid residence permit or
    • Entry visa or entry stamp
    • Special residence permit
    • Special applicant’s card for international protection
    • Special identity card for political refugee or
    • Special ID Card (for persons of ethnic Greek descent)
  • 2. Certification of Home Address and Telephone Number:
    • Recent* telephony bill issued in your name, featuring your name and phone number. Alternatively, you may submit one of the following:
      • Recent * Public Utility bill or,
      • Home or office rental agreement that has been submitted to a Tax Office

    In case you submit a telephony bill (mobile or landing) to certify your address, no other document is necessary.

    *issued within the last 6 months

  • 3. Tax Data and Income:
    1. Latest issue of Income Tax return form
    2. In case you are not required to file taxes, you need to submit a non-tax returns certificate, along with a proof of Tax Identification Number.

    Kindly note that, deemed necessary, the bank may require additional documentation.

  • 4. Occupation and current occupation address:

    The following documents are submitted, on a case-by-case basis:

    For salaried employees

    • Certificate from the employer
    • Copy of last payroll statement

    For individuals, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors

    • Statement of commencement of business operations
    • Professional identification or
    • Document issued by a Social Insurance Entity
    • Registry details form TAXIS verifying your entrepreneurial activity.


    Students: Certificate verifying the student status

    Unemployed: OAED unemployment card

    Domestic employment: Statement of Law 1599

    The issuance date of the above-mentioned employment certificates should be within the last six months.

    For foreign residents, all certificates must be translated into the Greek language and validated from the Greek Embassy or the Greek Consulate, or any other official Public Authority.

Why Data provision is mandatory?

In line with the provisions of the applicable laws, the Bank is obliged to keep its clients’ identification documents and data related to their financial profile. The data must be updated regularly; to this end, clients are required to submit the required documents to any branch of the Bank’s network.

Learn more about the identification procedure in the Hellenic Bank Association’s relevant leaflet ''Have you introduced yourself?''

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