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The Bank
Loan amount

from €25.000 up to €1.500.000

Low funding cost

interest free capital of fund's participation (40%)

Loan term

from 5 up to 10 years with grace period up to 36 months

Business development with interest free financing for 40% of the loan.

The Program aims to promote entrepreneurship, facilitate the access of businesses to preferential financing and  therefore strengthen investments.

The cost of the loans to be granted is particularly favorable as the Entrepreneurship Fund II's capital participation in the loan (40%) is interest-free.

The loan application is submitted online at https://​www.​ependyseis.​gr/​mis , choosing Pancreta Bank as the Bank of cooperation. 


Terms & Conditions


Newly-established and/or existing small/medium enterprises of all legal forms, which comply with the following requirements:

  • Are registered in Greece and the investment will be carried out in Greece
  • Are small/medium businesses, i.e. they employ up to 250 employees and have an annual turnover up to 50 million euros or assets of 43 million euros
  • Do not exceed the limit set by the De Minimis Aid Rule
  • Have activity in eligible Classification Codes
  • Are up to date  regarding  their tax and social security obligations.


Interest rate

A preferential interest rate is applied to the 60% of the loan while the rest 40% is interest-free due to the Bank’s participation in the co-funding scheme with the Entrepreneurship Fund (TEPIX II).

The 60% of the loan is subject to Law 128/1975 levy, today 0.60%.

Eligible expenses

  • Eligible expenses for financing are those described in the business plan and documented with the corresponding documents.
  • The VAT, regardless of the final recipient's status (recoverable or not).

Non eligible expenses

  • Refinancing of existing loans
  • Expenditures of financial activities, real estate activities (not as part of productive investment) or that enable financing to the final consumer
  • Financing of export-related expenses


Additional Info

The Fund's resources (€366.3 million), are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Greek State and are derived from the contribution of the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK), and the Regional Operational Programs (ROPs).




  • Collateral's  coverage rate cannot be higher than 120% of the loan amount, as agreed in the loan agreement.
  • The permanent and unique residence of the entrepreneur is not indicated.