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Credit Card mastercard Standard

Individuals Cards Credit Cards
Credit Card mastercard Standard

With the new mastercard Standard credit card you enjoy absolute security in your day-to-day transactions wherever you are.

With integrated chip & PIN and contactless technology you may make your purchases with increased security, convenience and speed.

  • Overview

    • Purchases of goods and services at a host of registered businesses all over the world, displaying the mastercard mark globally

    • Interest free installments in retailers throughout Greece

    • Contactless transactions in retailers that have EFT / POS terminals

    • Cash advance at ATMs bearing the mastercard mark in Greece and around the world

    • Settlement of liabilities through a standing payment order

    • Ability to issue up to 2 additional cards for your beloved family members

    • Increased protection through the “Synwallet” program

    • Debt balance insurance coverage

    • No annual fee for the 1st year

    • 24-hour telephone service

  • Main features

    Purchases and payments using the approved credit limit.

    • Purchases with interest-free installments in thousands of selected retailers throughout Greece.

    Cash advance at ATMs up to € 1,000 per month *.

    Chip & PIN technology for maximum security and convenience when shopping at points of sale.

    Additional online security in your transactions, with the 3D-Secure security protocols Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check.

    Contactless ** transactions for additional convenience in your purchases in retailers that have contactless bank terminals. To make a contactless transaction you must hold the card close to the device for a few seconds. For transactions up to € 50 there is no need to enter your personal PIN code.

    * Cash advances at Pancreta Bank ATMs are free of charge. Transactions at ATMs of other banks, in Greece or abroad, may involve charges for the processing of the transaction, as well as charges by the provider of the ATM on which the card is used
    ** Contactless transactions are subject to PSD2 (Strong Customer Authentication -SCA.) restrictions
  • Additional Benefits

    • Free debit balance insurance in the unfortunate event of loss of life, with a maximum coverage of € 2,000.

    • Ability to issue up to 2 additional cards to adult members of your family.

    • Ability to pay mobile bills, premiums etc. through standing orders.

    • Shopping through the internet in certified online stores.


    • No annual fee for the 1st year on the main and each additional card.

    • Free card reissue, in case of damage, loss and / or theft.

    • Free PIN reissue.

    • Free monthly account statement shipping.

  • Credit limit & Minimum monthly payment

    • Credit limit is subject to the client's credit rating and the Bank's credit criteria.

    • The minimum monthly payment is 2% on the capital, as shown on the monthly statement, plus interest and expenses, with a minimum payment of € 10.

  • Interest rate – Subscription fees

    Purchase interest rate

    15,5% * (APR 21,23%)

    Cash advance rate


    Annual Fee:

    € 25**

    Annual fee for each additional card

    € 10**

    * The Law 128/75 levy is added to the aforementioned interest rates (currently 0.60%)
    ** Charged on the 2nd year and onwards
  • How to get your credit card

    In order to get your personal and family’s new mastercard gold credit card you have to:

    • visit the Pancreta Bank branch you cooperate with,
    • sign the relevant documents (card and insurance applications, pre-contractual information sheet and contract)

    The main supporting documents you need to provide are:

    • valid identity card or passport
    • tax clearance certificate for the previous year

    The Bank may request a third party guarantee and / or additional documentation, if deemed necessary when assessing your application.

  • Useful information

    1. Card & PIN Receipt:

    Once your application is approved, you will receive the main and additional cards from the branch of cooperation.

    The PIN will be sent to you via registered post at the address you indicated in the application form.

    2. Bill Payment:

    The card can be paid by debiting a deposit account as follows:

    • Through a standing order:

    - for the payment of the minimum amount

    - for the payoff of the entire monthly balance

    • Through the Pancretaonline service
    • In cash at the Bank's cashier

    3. Card activation:

    Your card is issued inactive. To activate it, call +30 2810 338800 (from abroad), 24/7. You will be asked to verify your identity, so you need to have your credit card, your ID card or passport, and your Tax ID number.

    Contactless functionality is activated after you make your first transaction using your personal PIN.

    4. Card loss / theft:

    In case of loss / theft of your card please inform us immediately by calling our 24-hour telephone service at +30 2810 338800 (from abroad), so as to proceed with its immediate cancellation and replacement.