Pancreta Entrepreneurship
Imports/Exports - Incoming Payment Instructions

Pancreta Entrepreneurship
Imports/Exports - Incoming Payment Instructions



Payment of imports regardless of currency and amount in the following cases:

  • Clean collections (from a bank, transport agency or the seller of merchandise);
  • The transaction is covered by a Letter of Guarantee;
  • The transaction concerns a Standby Letter of Credit;
  • The payment concerns a time commitment;
  • The clean collection concerns a check issued by Pancretabank that has been sent abroad.

Depending on the procedure followed the bank officer comes in contact with you as follows:
Regarding Clean Collections: You get informed about the D/A. A day before the settlement, you contact the Bank to declare your intentions. On the next business day, you visit the Bank officer for the settlement and to collect the D/A.
Regarding collections to pay a check issued by Pancretabank: You get informed about receipt of the check. A day before the check payment you visit the Bank branch submitting all related documentation and you sign an application and a solemn declaration form.
Regarding Standby Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee: For your convenience on every step of the transaction you will need to submit all related documentation (invoice – waybills etc) and sign an application and a solemn declaration form (depending on the amount).


Pancretabank can undertake the payment of employees’ salaries by crediting the amount to the payroll current account indicated by the client.

Incoming Payment Instructions

Pancreta Bank, participates in the European Payment System (SEPA) and upgrades its Payment Systems.

Since June 4th 2019, the Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC) of Pancreta Bank becomes STPGGRAA and is unique for all payment systems.

Εxpanding its Corresponding Relations it provides the ability of direct crediting of incoming payment orders in a wide range of basic international currencies, apart from the existing in Euro’s (EUR) and United States Dollars (USD).

Instructions for executing payment orders to Pancreta Bank are attached here.

For more information regarding SEPA for consumers, please refer to this brochure, here.